what's better than pudding? frozen pudding. we make every batch of rich, creamy pudding ourselves and add in all-natural, handmade ingredients before we put it through a special process to become everything ice cream wishes it could be. the best part? frozen pudding doesn't melt. it just becomes pudding!  



are you dreaming of the throwback charm of our nana banana Southern banana pudding? looking to rekindle those mid-summer bonfire s'memories with our campfire chocolate? you can find all of little spoon's drool-worthy flavors right over here.

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where's little spoon this week? consider us the carmen sandiego of the frozen dessert world. if you want to keep up with us, just check out our "find us" page for the most up-to-date info on our whereabouts and you can cruise on over for your weekly (daily?!?) pudding fix.

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birthday party? bat mitzvah? wedding? just a friday treat for the office? no matter the occasion, little spoon will be there to help you celebrate with our adorable ice cream cart and as many cups of frozen pudding as you can handle! we can even create custom flavors for your special event. click below to find out how!

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