this is how frozen pudding happens.

the story

food writer (jason) meets food stylist (hannah) and they fall in love. eight months later, food stylist makes way too much banana pudding to bring to an outdoor movie and food writer suggests they freeze the rest to create a brand new frozen treat. it goes terribly. the flavor is great, but the consistency is awful. food stylist works hard for months to perfect a method of making the frozen pudding creamy and delicious while maintaining the amazing flavor of that first bite. finally, food stylist creates the perfect recipe.

now, food writer and food stylist are bringing frozen pudding to the masses!

the people

hannah canvasser

hannah has loved sugar since the day she was born. some little girls dream of ponies and castles, but hannah dreamed of the day she would get a stand mixer. now, her dream has come true: she has two. the woman making your pudding is a real, legitimate, 100% trained chef. after years spent learning under legendary chefs in kitchens like Chez Panisse and Quince in San Francisco, hannah moved down to LA and took her incredible skills to the world of food styling where she's worked on major projects for people like Duff Goldman (The Ace of Cakes), The Food Network, and Starbucks. in her free time, she likes to talk about frozen pudding, come up with new ideas for frozen pudding flavors, and worry about how much you'll enjoy little spoon frozen pudding.



jason kessler

jason is a fourth-generation chicagoan, which means that a love of food was instilled in him since his first jar of deep dish baby food. he started working in restaurants the day he turned 14 and has been a part of the food industry in some capacity for almost twenty years. as a tv writer, jason has made millions of people laugh. as a food and travel writer, he's made millions of people hungry. he's held many titles in his life, including "columnist" for Bon Appetit Magazine and "digital writer" for The Office on NBC, but "pudding magnate" seems like the best title of all.